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Bat Yam — Info and FAQ

Bat Yam — Info and FAQ


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What to do in «Bat Yam», Israel

Bat Yam is a coastal city located in the heart of the Dan region metropolitan area and is an accessible location to Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

In the last decade, Bat-Yam has become synonymous with an innovative arena, a habitat of art and culture that is groundbreaking and exciting.

Bat Yam is a microcosm of Israeli society with its community and cultures. Its location in the center of the country, its magnificent beaches and unique cultural institutions place it in line with the top coastal cities in Israel.

Events & Attractions:
Bat Yam offers a breathtaking boardwalk, alongside hotels, restaurants and a variety of well-tended gardens and cafes.

Throughout the year, the boardwalk hosts local and international exhibitions, performances and festivals with a spectacular view of the city’s beaches. In the city you can find innovative art, surprising urban culture and boundless creativity. Bat Yam presents its visitors with a host of fascinating cultural institutions, including Moby — Bat Yam Museum, Notzar Theater, Riviera Beach Gallery, Art Factory, the Modern Art Gallery, artists studio spaces, weaving studios, and more.

Sports enthusiasts can find a variety of extreme attractions and water sports. On the sea, you can enjoy surfing and a sailing club, windsurfing, kite surfing, snorkeling, canoeing, and more. By air, you can hover with gliders, paragliding, and more. On the boardwalk beach, you can enjoy free sports activities like beach volleyball, exercise facilities, yoga, and more.


Transportation in Bat Yam is based on city and intercity buses, taxis and private cars.

You can also reach the city by train.

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