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Ein-Hod — Info and FAQ

Ein-Hod — Info and FAQ


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What to do in «Ein-Hod», Israel

Ein Hod is an artists’ village that is registered as a cooperative settlement association and is located in South Carmel.

Founded in 1949 by new immigrants, the village became an artist village in 1953 at the initiative of Marcel Janco, a well-known «Dada» artist who is a member of the Dadaism movement of artists. Among the ancient stone houses of the village are a rare variety of artists, who maintain themselves by virtue of their craft and run workshops, educational activities and exhibition galleries.

The village has about 500 inhabitants, and its members are involved in all fields of art — from plastic arts, painting, pottery and jewelry to literature and theater. Most of the artists’ workshops and studios are open to the public, and visitors are invited to work with the materials, try the work processes and see the results, as well as being taught by the artists about their works and their lives.

Events & Attractions:

Over the years, a central gallery and private galleries of village artists have been established, workshops, an amphitheater and the main site of the Janco-Dada Museum with temporary exhibitions and a collection of works by Marcel Janco. In addition to the permanent exhibition which includes plastic art, ceramics, jewelry and more, the gallery occasionally displays group exhibitions and solo exhibitions by local artists.

The tour of the streets of Ein Hod, in the alleys and between the old houses that were renovated, is inspiring and full of beauty. Art is also reflected in the charming restaurants and guest rooms.

Ein Hod hosts a variety of events and festivals such as holiday ceremonies, a music festival, and art celebrations.


Transportation in Ein Hod is based on inter-city buses, taxis, and private cars.

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