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Haifa — Info and FAQ

Haifa — Info and FAQ


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What to do in «Haifa», Israel

Haifa is an important industrial and cultural center that affects the entire State of Israel and is one of Israel’s maritime trade centers. From its earliest days, in the 3rd century BC, it was a port city.

The third largest city in Israel, the largest port, incredible beaches and the world center of the Bahá’í Faith — these are just some of the surprises to be discovered in the city of Haifa. Haifa is one of the most beautiful cities in Israel. It has a fascinating combination of modern neighborhoods alongside ancient neighborhoods, churches alongside mosques, a mountain facing the sea and many natural sites throughout the area.

Haifa is a symbol of tolerance and coexistence, and side by side the three major religions coexist.

Events & Attractions:

The beautiful beaches are a favorable site for recreation and sports, on weekends many vacationers visit the various beaches and enjoy excellent surfing conditions in addition to sailing competitions and other sporting events.

In the city of Haifa, the World Center of the Bahá’í Faithful was established. It is a magnificent complex located on the slopes of the Mt. Carmel and famous for its amazing gardens.

Also, you can visit the Carmel Park, the Haifa Port, the Sculpture Garden, the German Colony, and the National Museum of Science, Technology, and Space.

In Haifa you can find a variety of events and festivals such as the «Haifa International Film Festival,» the «Creators Festival,» the «Holiday of the Holidays» intended to celebrate the uniqueness of the city and its diverse residents, the «Haifa Children’s Festival,» and the «Festigal.»


Transportation in the city of Haifa is based on buses, the light rail, trains, the «Carmelit, and underground funicular railway, taxis, and private cars.

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