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Hamakom Hotel — Netua

Hamakom Hotel — Netua


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Information and Review of  the «Hamakom» —  North  (Number of rooms: 13)

Adjacent to a mountain at Moshav Netu’a in the Western Galil at an elevation of 670 meters above sea level resides a beautiful boutique hotel «Hamakom». The hotel expands an area of 5.5 acres and includes 13 stone-built suites, each 150 m. Each suite has a pool in its own pool room, large Jacuzzi’s and meticulous design in every corner.

Each suite has three levels that creates a division into intimate areas with views incredible views of the wild Galil. Division into different levels preserves the guest’s privacy and gives each its own feeling, which creates a physical separation of the sleeping area, pool are and Jacuzzi area and adds to the unique experience that Hamakom offers. Each suite is designed at the highest level possible and includes a bedroom, central living room area, extravagant bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, dining area and of course a private swimming pool and Jacuzzi. The technological items in each suite is also of the highest quality including: 50 inch televisions in the living room, 32 inch televisions in the bedrooms, DVD, home cinema system, modern sound systems, internet, smart lighting and more.

The suites are surrounded by large Belgium windows in which the landscape of the Galil can be seen at all hours. Accommodation at Hamakom is suitable for couples, families, small groups and include a rich breakfast each morning.






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Address: Moshav Netua, Region: North, Kosher: Yes, Swimming Pool: Yes



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