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Hevel Habsor — Info and FAQ

Hevel Habsor — Info and FAQ


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What to do in «Hevel Habsor», Israel

Hevel Habesor in the Negev region, located west of Be’er Sheva, crosses the riverbed of Nahal Habesor, the largest river in the country that flows into the Mediterranean Sea. The impressive view of Nahal Habesor, which connects the desert to the Mediterranean Sea, and the historical sites of ancient and modern Israel alike, made it an attraction for visitors.

Events & Attractions:

Thanks to the rains and the cool weather, this seemingly barren area are covered by a carpet of wildflowers from late December to March. If you hike in the area, ride a bike, or by car, you will see poppies, anemones, and even desert tulips. In the Habesor region are scattered agricultural settlements established by new immigrants in the early years of the state, communities bearing optimistic names such as «Tifrah» (flourishing), «Bitkha» (tranquility), and «Peduim» (ransomed). Kibbutz Gvulot, founded in 1943, was the first Jewish settlement in the area.

At the visitors’ center you can get to know the story of the settlement. The main tourist site of the area is Eshkol Park, covering 875 acres, with spectacular green areas and pools, hot springs, a rope bridge 80 meters above the stream and many other attractions.

In the area of the Habesor region, there are various festivals and events such as the International Hot Air Balloon festival in Habesor Park. The festival is usually held in August and includes a spectacular show of hot air balloons, music, children’s activities, juggling and camping at the park.

Also, there is a Darom Adom Festival in the area. The festival creates connections between agriculture and tourism and offers visitors agricultural tours, farmer’s markets and rural accommodation. Festival participants can tour the area, see shows and participate in activities for the whole family. The festival takes place during January and February during the flowering of the anemones in the northern Negev.


Transportation in the area is based on private vehicles, taxis and inter-city buses.

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