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Jezreel Valley — Info and FAQ

Jezreel Valley — Info and FAQ


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What to do in «Jezreel Valley», Israel

The Jezreel Valley is a large valley in the northern part of Israel, its borders the mountains of the Lower Galilee, the Samaria Mountains and the Carmel mountain range, and it runs from the coastal plain to the Jordan Valley.

The Jezreel Valley was an important region throughout time, thanks to the convenient route it allows between the coastal plain and the Jordan Valley. This route was the continuation from the sea during the 15th century BCE.

In the Jezreel Valley, the Bible and ancient history are more closely intertwined than anywhere else in the country. To the north are the mountains of Nazareth and Mount Tabor, to the east and south — Mount Gilboa, the Samaria Mountains and Mount Carmel.

Events & Attractions:

The Valley’s many attractions include historical and biblical treasures such as the Tel Megiddo National Park, the mosaic floors in the national parks Beit Alfa and Zippori, the cultural mosaic in the Circassian village Kafr Kama and its museum, the Pioneers Museum and the historical museum in Kfar Tavor and Kibbutz Ein Dor.

In the Valley, there are also sites for family recreation and practical experiences, such as the Silk and Honey Farm in Moshav Shadmot Dvora and many fine restaurants with rustic cuisine. It passes parts of the Israel National Trail and the Biblical Trail on Mount Gilboa and has a wide variety of guest rooms that are run by families in rural communities nearby.

Every year there is a milk and honey festival in the Jezreel Valley — a traditional Shavuot ceremony at the Valley Museum. Other things to do include bread preparation at the Ein Dor museum, hiking the Jezreel Trail, the valley market, taste local agricultural produce, a tractor exhibition, and more activities for the whole family.


Transportation in the Jezreel Valley is based on buses, private vehicles and taxis.

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