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Katzerin — Info and FAQ

Katzerin — Info and FAQ


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What to do in «Katzerin», Israel

Katzrin is a local council in the northern region of Israel, located in the center of the Golan Heights, at the height of 300 meters to 370 meters above sea level. The area of jurisdiction of Katzrin is 3,053 acres. From the south of Katzrin is the Yehudiya Forest Reserve.

Researchers speculate that the source of the name Katzrin is from the settlement of Qisrin, which existed during the Talmudic period in the Golan Heights. The name of the village was preserved in an Arab village north of Katzrin, within the precincts of the ancient Katzrin Park.

Events & Attractions:

In Katzrin, you can visit a variety of sites such as the ancient Katzrin Park, the ancient synagogue in Katzrin, guest houses, the animal farm, the «Kesem HaGolan» Visitor Center, and the Mikulov Park, which represents the connection between Mikulov in the Czech Republic to Katzrin.

The park was prepared by a steering committee of representatives from both countries, and it is an important component in the development of cities, as urban parks provide entertainment sites close to home and provide a place for rest and relaxation for residents.

Near Katzrin is the Katzrin industrial area, which has many factories, including the Golan Heights Winery, the Mey Eden plant, and the Ramat HaGolan Creamery. In Katzrin there is an olive press too.

In Katzrin there are a variety of festivals and events every year, such as the Katzrin/Golan Parade organized by the Katzrin Local Council and the Jewish National Fund.


Public transportation in the Katzrin area is based on buses, taxis and private vehicles.

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