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Kisra — Info and FAQ

Kisra — Info and FAQ


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What to do in «Kisra», Israel

Kisra is a local council in the northern region of Israel in the Upper Galilee at an elevation of 650 meters above sea level. It was declared a local council in 1990.

The village has 6,000 residents, all Druze, and was founded when the Druze religion was distributed at the beginning of the 11th century. According to tradition, the ancient city of Kisra appears in texts of Ramses II as one of the cities he conquered in the Galilee. Another meaning comes from the word «Kasar» meaning palace. In the ancient village lies the palace of the king of Kisroan.

Events & Attractions:

Between Kisra and Sumei, there is a nature reserve called «Mount Sena,» where you can hike and enjoy the impressive views in the area.

At the heart of the reserve is the Rocks Park — a unique and amazing geological nature phenomenon, the act of wind and rain. The park is made of huge rocks rich in limestone layers. Rainwater, wind, and vegetation created beautiful and varied shapes in the rock. The phenomenon is called karst. This is how magnificent and strange natural sculptures were created: columns, mushroom-shaped rocks, and caves.

For the visitors’ convenience, the route is divided into three paths:

The Mammoth Trail — the most impressive trail, with large impressive rocks, some huge and reminiscent of mammoth heads.

The Ya’iron Trail is named after a small rodent of the mouse family that feeds on the oak that is abundant in the area, and in this section, there are also rocks with special shapes.

The Katlav Trail passes through a Mediterranean grove with three acacia trees and many oak trees.

The entire route is for families and is about a kilometer long.

The olive branch festival is held every year in the village; offering guided tours of olive groves, olive picking, visits to olive presses and more.


Transportation in the area of Kisra is based on inter-city buses, taxis, and private cars.

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