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Mitspe Ramon — Info and FAQ

Mitspe Ramon — Info and FAQ


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What to do in «Mitspe Ramon», Israel

On the northern edge of the Ramon Crater, at the height of 300 meters above sea-level lies Mitzpe Ramon.

Between the landscapes of the largest of the Negev craters, between trails and cliffs, mountains and springs, a quiet and comfortable town, which has been developed into a bustling tourist center.

Events & Attractions:

Mitzpe Ramon is an important point for travelers in the desert. In the southern town, there is a wide range of hotels, hostels, campsites and Bedouin hospitality. You can embark on challenging field trips in jeeps, bikes or even on camels. Here you can sand surf from high cliffs and feel the adrenalin through your blood.

At the visitor center on the edge of the cliff, you will enjoy an amazing view of the crater and its unique landscape. Visit the zoological garden where there are desert animals typical of the region, including snakes, lizards, and mammals. In the eastern part of Mitzpe Ramon there is a large sculpture park and to the west, a unique alpaca farm and a sports center and archery sports center.

But there is nothing like the Ramon Crater to complete the experience of visiting the city. The crater has fascinating geological phenomena, charming spots, ancient historical sites, easy to difficult hiking trails and endless expanses of desolate desert.

In Mitzpe Ramon there are a variety of events and festivals such as the «Summer of Stars» festival, the «Intimidbar» festival, and more.


Transportation in Mitzpe Ramon is based on municipal buses, taxis, and private cars.

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