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Nahalal — Info and FAQ

Nahalal — Info and FAQ


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What to do in «Nahalal», Israel

Moshav Nahalal is located in the Jezreel Valley, its uniqueness is the architectural structure of the moshav, which is no longer used in the State of Israel.

Moshav Nahalal is built in circles growing from center to edge and looks like a sun that sends its rays to the expanses of the valley fields. Nahalal, the first workers’ colony in Israel, was designed by the architect Richard Kaufmann and the result is a moshav that integrates with the flow in the surrounding landscape. The result is amazingly impressive, and many travelers visit the place just to see the wonder.

Events & Attractions:

The thriving moshav was always based on agriculture and to this day is an inseparable part of it. Also, tourism industries were established in the Moshav and adapted to its picturesque landscape. For example, a charming restaurant, a jewelry studio, an antique furniture store and a gallery in an old hut were established there.

One of the attractions in the moshav is the «Slick,» (hidden underground weapons cache) which operated during the Mandate period. Today, a small family museum was built above it, alongside a beautiful cafe. From the moshav you can go for walks in the wake of the love stories that were woven in the valley, or, one can follow the settlement stories of the region from the beginning of its time.

To the northeast of the moshav lies the Tel Shimron valley, and from its peak there is a beautiful view of the landscape beneath it. At its foot lies the Nahalal cemetery, where Moshe Dayan, a military commander, and, the Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon were buried.


Transportation in Nahalal is based on intercity buses and private vehicles.

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