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Nahariya — Info and FAQ

Nahariya — Info and FAQ


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What to do in «Nahariya», Israel

Nahariya is the northernmost city along the Israeli coastline.

Nahariya is a tourist city that does not cease to surprise and is characterized by a goal of an ultimate vacation.

There is something in Nahariya that catches one’s eye from the first moment — the nonstop bustling city center, cafes that are never empty, the beaches that are always full of activity, and the boardwalk that stretches to Rosh HaNikra; all make Nahariya magical.

Events & Attractions:

As a city that offers a lot, you can stay in one of the many hotels therein. You can also find guest rooms and boarding houses in the city. The vacationers in the city will enjoy a beautiful long white sand beach with a charming boardwalk lined with cafes and restaurants. In the southern part there is a recreation and sports complex, and, to its north lies the country club complex which offers recreation and sports services.

For nature lovers, visit one of the most beautiful sites and nature reserves, including Achziv Beach, Al Bahaja (the Bahai Garden), Betzet Beach and Rosh HaNikra. For diving enthusiasts, it is important to know that in the depths of the sea are the remains of the «Javelin» missile ship, which has become a sought-after diving site.

Another attraction is the city train, which runs on the summer evenings just as a pleasant breeze reaches the city from the sea. The train, a locomotive, and two train cars are suitable mainly for children and teenagers. The train leaves from Ga’aton Boulevard and passes the city center to the beach and back.

Within the city, there are some sites worth seeing. For example, the remains of a Byzantine church with a colorful mosaic floor were exposed on Bielefeld Street, the Liberman House where the Nahariya History Museum is located, and the Botanical and Zoological Garden.


Transportation in Nahariya is based on municipal buses, taxis and private cars. The city can be reached by intercity bus and train.

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