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Neveh Shalom — Wahat al-Salam — Info and FAQ

Neveh Shalom — Wahat al-Salam — Info and FAQ


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What to do in «Neveh Shalom — Wahat al-Salam», Israel

Neve Shalom is a rural settlement located on a hill in the heart of the Lowlands near Latrun. The settlement belongs to the Mateh Yehuda Regional Council.

Neve Shalom was established in 1969 by the Dominican monk Bruno Hussar (1911-1996), who was born as a Jew in Egypt, as the realization of his vision of Jewish-Arab coexistence he was buried in Neve Shalom, and his tombstone is engraved with a Star of David and a cross.

The name of the settlement is symbolic and symbolizes the aspiration of the founders to create a settlement that will bring peace and overlook the enchanting views of the Ayalon Valley and the Monastery of the Silence.

Events & Attractions:

The location of Neve Shalom is an experience of landscape and nature. Around the settlement there are dozens of natural sites for recreation including trails on foot, by bicycle or car in the surrounding forests, or a journey through vineyards that have grown in the lowlands over the last decade, a visit to the many monasteries scattered around, inviting a religious spiritual experience, or one of the other popular spots in the area. Mini Israel is nearby, and there are also many concerts that take place throughout the year in the area.

There is a guest house for the benefit of visitors and tourists, and also a visitor center that offers meetings between Jews and Arabs, as well as meetings with members of the community, which tell of their unique way of life. In the summertime, you can enjoy a swim in the pool at the guest house, and if you want some moments of solitude, you should do this in the Domia house, a building on the hillside in a green corner that looks like a round dome. The building has sitting areas and opens onto the picturesque landscape.

The place is open to the public all year long, and it is worthwhile to reach it for rest, relaxation, solitude, and observation.


Transportation in Neve Shalom is based on private cars, buses, and taxis.

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