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Syriac Maronite Church- Akko

Syriac Maronite Church- Akko


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The Syriac Maronite Church is located in the south-west of the city of Acco, near the Church of St.Andrews and the monastery of Notre Dame of Nazareth.

The founders of the church, members of the Maronite Order, were expelled from the city after it was conquered by the Muslims.

Today the church serves the South Lebanon Army soldiers who came here from Lebanon and decided to live in Acco.

You can visit and tour the church and hear explanations from the church people. The visit must be booked in advance and includes a symbolic fee.

(Photo: Avishai Teicher, from PicWiki)


FAQ for Syriac Maronite Church- Akko (Holy Places in Akko (Acre)):

Wheelchair accessible? Yes,
Is there a parking? With Charge,
Is it sutable for children? Yes.
Attraction Type: Holy Places, Region: North, Address: 7811 Street (Find more Holy Places in Israel: North)

Syriac Maronite Church- Akko Opening hours:

By appointment


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