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The Dan Region (Gush Dan) — Info and FAQ

The Dan Region (Gush Dan) — Info and FAQ


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What to do in «The Dan Region (Gush Dan)», Israel

«Gush Dan,» (the Dan region) is the common name of the association of cities, with its base being Tel Aviv-Jaffa. The Dan region is the urban area and the largest population in Israel. The source of the name is the Dan tribe, whose territory was in the modern Dan region. Like a beating heart dictating the pace, this is the Dan Region, a large metropolitan metropolis, located in the center of the country and considered the center of life in Israel.

The Dan region stretches 90 kilometers from north to south and is 20 kilometers wide. Its entire size is 1,500 km. The Dan region is located at the center of the coastal plain of Israel and occupies most of the Sharon area and a large part of the inner lowlands. There are some important rivers which flow through the Dan to the Sea including Nahal Alexander, Nahal Poleg, Nahal HaYarkon, Nahal Ayalon and Nahal Sorek.

Events & Attractions:

The Dan Region is Israel’s number one entertainment area, including various clubs, bars and cafes, restaurants and hotels, theaters and cinemas, museums and parks, stunning beaches, colorful festivals and beautiful historical and archeological sites. Enjoy a fascinating visit to the Coca-Cola plant, explore the various cities, markets and shopping centers crowded with people.

In Gush Dan you will find a variety of festivals and events that take place during the year, such as a Festival of Games Without Boxes in Ariel Sharon Park and the Hiriya recycling park. The festival is held on Passover and offers a variety of activities, with an emphasis on waste recycling, nature and culture, workshops, tours, bird watching, street artists and other surprises.


Transportation in the Dan Region is based on city and inter-city buses, private vehicles and taxis. The area can also be reached by train.

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