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The Hula Valley — Info and FAQ

The Hula Valley — Info and FAQ


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What to do in «The Hula Valley», Israel

The Hula Valley is a flat plain in northern Israel, which occupies most of the area of the Galilee Panhandle. The valley is the northern part of the Jordan Rift, to the north is the Ayun Valley and the Beqaa Valley, to the south is the Kinneret Valley.

Until the 1950s large parts of the Hula Valley were covered with swamps. The draining and drying of the marshes contributed to settlement in the area and also to a considerable amount of arable land. The draining left only the Hula Reserve, with a central lake that preserves the fauna and flora characteristic of the area and migrations of birds throughout the year.

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In the early 1990s, following a stormy and rainy winter, one of the drained sections in the area was re-flooded, and following the flood, it was decided to leave it intact and develop its surroundings. The new site — «Agmon Hula,» became the second home of tens of thousands of birds from Israel and abroad. Sightseeing trails were introduced in the Agmon, binoculars were installed, and training and activities about the birds began.

Te Hula Valley is known as one of Israel’s most lush valleys, with many springs such as Ein Tina and the great northern streams like the Dan, Snir, Hermon, and Jordan. Due to the abundance of water, the area is green and blooming and is intertwined with many nature reserves, which are scattered through the area, alongside magnificent national parks such as Hurshat Tal.

Each year, the International Bird Watching Festival of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel is held. As part of the festival, guided bird watching tours take place in the Agamon Hula due to the autumn migration of the birds. Tens of thousands of birds pass through the skies and stop at the Agamon to rest and refresh on their way from the cold north to the hot winter in Africa.


Transportation in the area is based on intercity buses and private vehicles.

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