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The Judean Desert — Info and FAQ

The Judean Desert — Info and FAQ


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What to do in «The Judean Desert», Israel

The Judean Desert is a geographical area in the eastern part of Israel, between the Judean Mountains and the Dead Sea. The desert is about 85 kilometers long and 25 kilometers wide.

In the Judean Desert there are many ancient roads paved with some trails that descend on the cliffs. These roads are convenient for walking and transporting freight animals. Some of the roads are still usable. Of the roads, the most well-known is the Moab and Derekh Adom from the Bible and some Roman paths used for logistics on the siege of Masada.

Events & Attractions:
In the expanses of the Judean Desert, there are fascinating ancient landscapes. Here you can see mountains, cliffs and marsh hills (a typical type of land) along with endless plains and deep valleys that will leave you in awe. Some streams crossed the desert, which flowed into the ground and created huge canyons with a depth of up to 500 meters.

In some of the canyons, freshwater springs brought life all year round, creating magnificent and refreshing oases (Nahal Arugot, Nahal Prat, and Nahal David). Apart from them, the desert is characterized by the huge cliffs that rise in the eastern part to a height of 300 meters above the shoreline, and all the way to the lush nature reserves at the foot of the cliff (Ein Gedi, Einot Tzukim).

In the Judean Desert region, a variety of festivals and special events are held each year, such as the Tamar Festival — a music festival that takes place during the Sukkot holiday and includes special musical collaborations against a backdrop of breathtaking desert scenery with an unforgettable sunrise. Also, the «Shutka» gypsy festival takes place there, which combines Balkan, Gypsy and nomadic music, which includes huge Bedouin tents for accommodation and more. The festival takes place in September in Kfar Nokdim.

Transportation in the area is based on private vehicles, inter-city buses and taxis.

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