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The Lowlands — Info and FAQ

The Lowlands — Info and FAQ


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What to do in «The Lowlands», Israel

«Shfela» is a geographical area in the passage between the Judean Mountains and the coastal plain.

It is characterized by a wavy landscape that features rounded hills with wide valleys between them. The Shfela runs through the large streams flowing from the mountain to the seashore, including Nahal Ayalon, Nahal Sorek, and Nahal Elah.

Events & Attractions:

Large parts of the Shfela are covered with planted pine forests. The forests, which are vacation spots for travelers and tourists, include ancient agricultural facilities and archeological and historical sites.

This is the area where Bar Kokhba’s soldiers hid and dug many hiding places. This area was one of the most important oil centers in Israel, and dozens of ancient olive presses were discovered there. Here was established the wine route that passes among dozens of boutique wineries.

The ancient site in the Judean Lowlands is the Beit Guvrin-Maresha National Park, which contains the remains of two ancient cities and dozens of rock-hewn bell caves along with columbarium caves.

Several special monasteries in the Judean Lowlands are immersed in green, including the Latrun monastery, Deir Rafat, Beit Jamal, and others. Close to Latrun are the remains of the settlement of Emmaus, which is an important Christian site. According to Evangelical tradition, in Emmaus, Jesus met with his disciples Simon and Cleopas after he was resurrected. Emmaus stood out for many periods from the Maccabean period (2,000 years ago) to the Crusader period.

Every year, an experiential «Wine Experience» is held in the area, including wine tastings, cultural performances, an artists’ fair, and open houses.


Transportation in the area is based on private vehicles, buses, and taxis. The area can also be reached by train.

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