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The Uvda Valley and Eilat Mountains — Info and FAQ

The Uvda Valley and Eilat Mountains — Info and FAQ


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What to do in «The Uvda Valley and Eilat Mountains», Israel

The Uvda Valley lies west of the Arava road and rises above it. The road leading to the Ovda Valley (Route 40) climbs from the Arava and passes Kibbutz Neot Smadar, whose grape vineyards are spectacular green spots in the desert, about 60 kilometers north of Eilat.

Despite its rugged appearance, the land of the Uvda Valley is remarkably rich, having been swept away from the surrounding mountains for thousands of years. This made it a preferred destination for settlement, since the prehistoric period. The ancient inhabitants of the valley were scattered throughout the region and experts uncovered more than 150 settlement sites, ranging in age from 10,000 to 6,000 years.

Events & Attractions:
One of the fascinating sites in this area is located close to Route 40, close to the modest community of Ma’ale Shacharut. It is called the «Tigers’ Temple» — a 9,000-year-old compound with stones engraved with mysterious catlike figures. South of the temple, about 460 meters from the road, are smooth, glistening dunes that are especially suitable for surfing and fun.

The Ma’ale Shacharut mountain range provides a spectacular view of the Arava Valley and the Red Mountains in Jordan. This is just one of the highlights of the region. Its hidden charm has made it a favorite site for camel tours, hikes, jeeps, and bicycles, which can all be arranged through tourist service providers in Eilat and elsewhere.

Between the nature reserve of the Eilat Mountains, there are wonderful hiking trails. One of these is the Red Canyon, where you can climb and descend on ladders.

Transportation in this area is based on intercity buses and private vehicles.

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