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Tomb of Rabbi Meir Ba’al Haness

Tomb of Rabbi Meir Ba’al Haness


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Information and Review of the Tomb of Rabbi Meir Ba’al Haness

Ba’al Haness, means miracle worker and Jews seeking healing miracles or other divine intervention have been coming to Rabbi Meir’s tomb at least since the thirteenth century.

You can find people praying in this blue-domed building near Tiberias hot springs (famed for their curative powers), as well as celebrating the first haircut of three-year-old boys and other happy occasions.

Thousands flock to the tomb on the anniversary of Rabbi Meir’s death, a month after Passover eve.

Photographer:Avishai Teicher. From a PikiWiki.


FAQ for Tomb of Rabbi Meir Ba’al Haness (Holy Places in Tiberias):

Wheelchair accessible? Yes,
Is there a parking? Yes,
Is it sutable for children? No.
Attraction Type: Holy Places, Region: North, Address: OR TORAH Yeshiva, Rabi Meir Baal Hanes, Tiberias (Find more Holy Places in Israel: North)

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